Devotion in Two Different Fields

A soldier dares to sacrifice his mind, energy, and life for the country. All the time they showed a high dedication to bringing Indonesia into a strong country and achievement. Not only a soldier in the air force, but also a warrior on the ring that boasts the name of Indonesia.

Leoisa's "Flanker" inspiration which has the title of WBC Asia champion ABCO and Semli "Tucano" Mau to have the title of WBC Silver Asia-Pacific champion are two air force soldiers from Dirgantara Boxing Camp Jakarta who boast Indonesia by beating the Thai boxers in the title fight. They have very high dedication in two different ways, dedication in defense of the country as soldiers and boxers. Daily life is a boxing practice wake up, day and afternoon defending the country as a soldier, late in the afternoon until evening rehearsals and the routine runs for six days a week.

If we imagine the activities they run are not easy, but with the dedication, they show for the beloved country of Indonesia. They can boast of this country with a number of achievements that he gave in boxing and as a soldier. Both of these soldiers entered the army from the track of the athlete. With the dedication, they give only to Indonesia and that is our soldier's devotion. Then, what is your devotion?

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