Tyson ALL Fury, The Heavyweight King!

WOW! we predicted it correctly! Tyson Fury finishes Dilan Whyte in the 6th Round by Knockout in a packed arena in front of his countrymen inside the Wembley Stadium. He solidifies himself as the greatest heavyweight in this generation.

94.000 Fans filled the Wembley Stadium to see the British boxing superstar, who dominated the fight throughout except for the 4th round; it was the highest attendance for a boxing event since the Julio Cesar Chavez-Greg Haugen match, which drew 132,274 in Mexico City in 1993.

Fury lands a right uppercut that sends Whyte to the canvas, a clean and beautiful punch that landed perfectly to finish the fight. after the bout, Tyson Fury teases retirement “I promised my lovely wife, Paris, of 14 years after the Wilder 3 fight that would be it, and I meant it,” Fury said moments after the fight. “It was a great trilogy, and I meant that. ...

“But I got offered to fight at Wembley, at home, a fight I deserved -- I owed it to the fans ... I owed it to every person in the U.K. to fight at Wembley. And now it’s all gone, I have to be a man of my word and think this is it. This might be the final curtain of the Gypsy King.”

A fight against Usyk or Joshua late this year is the only thing waiting for Fury should he continue to box and become the world’s undisputed heavyweight champion. Still, it’s most likely that Fury is not interested in waiting, and in being honest, he has nothing to prove.

The fight overall was a statement that Tyson Fury is not just a fighter, but he is an entertainer and performer in the ring, with his exciting entrances, likable personality, compelling story, and undeniably the best-skilled heavyweight boxer on the planet today. Whatever his future holds, whether it’s in the WWE ring facing off against Drew Mcintyre or a Hybrid bout against Francis Ngannou, Tyson Fury will be in the public eye and interest for years to come.

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