Training Gear 101 For Coaches & Users

Outside of the essential equipment to train in combat sports, such as hand wraps and boxing gloves, some items support training and improving an individual's skills in their craft. There are many tools in the combat sports world, but in Hawkeye Fightwear, we have created the most essential and practical equipment for trainers or users to use for their daily training regimen. Let's take a look at some of the pieces of equipment below:




Use For Boxing


Punching mitts or the smaller version of it called micro mitts, are used by trainers to perfect the fighter's technique on a personal level and increase punching accuracy and speed with many combinations each trainer has.


Micro Mitts are padded foam that can absorb punches with lightweight material, so the trainer can do many combinations and change targets easily. A piece of essential equipment that is used in mostly all boxing, Muay Thai, or MMA gyms all around the world





For Power Punches and High-Volume Kickboxing


So this one is already around for a while, but this equipment is not introduced enough in the local fight world scene. The Multipad is a punching surface product slightly bigger than your average punching mitts.


This product is popular in the dutch kickboxing gyms around the world because, in the dutch style of kickboxing, a lot of punches and kicks are done fast and with massive volume, and they need a bigger mitt to support kicks; thus, the Multipad is their most favorite equipment to use because of the versatility.



Thai Pad 


For Muay Thai and Power Kicks


Many Muay Thai-based gyms may have this type of training gear. These pads are thicker and bulkier than the rest of the mitts in the collection, they are made to withstand power shots, power kicks, and elbows due to Muay Thai having a slow pace but power shots each time they throw an offense.


Keep in mind that this equipment can be mixed and matched depending on a coach's style in training and developing their athletes, so the next time you see your coach with new equipment, now you know what it is used for and what you are going to train in your session!


Comment below and let us know what you think!!! And be sure to purchase your fighting needs at Hawkeye Fightwear!

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