The Final PPV For The UFC In 2022

While everyone is talking about the best soccer game in history and Lionel Messi finally completing his legendary football career with the World Cup victory, The UFC gave probably a very generic and standard showcase for their last event in 2022, Here's the recap:

In the main event of the night, Jared Cannonier faces off against Sean Strickland in a 25 minute close battle to edge each other out, both fighters seems to be a the breaking point, trying to land more for a definite victory each round. Cannonier would go on to be the victor, earning a split decision victory over Strickland.

“I thought I had it 3-2 [in rounds] so I was pretty confident that I’d won,” Cannonier said. “I did a little bit more damage. We saw the blood on his face from the first round and the second-to-last round. I thought it was a great fight, back and forth.”

Cannonier also praised Strickland's game plan saying that Strickland's jab was a problem when they fought off “Even as he was stepping in for his jab, he was doing a good job of not just walking forward like a freaking zombie,” Cannonier said. While Cannonier is back in the winning game, Strickland on the other hand ranted on social media just hours after losing the fight.

I’m a fucking sore loser,” Strickland said. “Hat’s off to Jared, but you have judges that don’t know how to fucking do their job. Actually look at the scorecard and you look at the significant strikes and you look at how many times I wobbled him. You have experts in the field come up to me and say, ‘Yeah man, I don’t know how you lost that one. You landed way more. The scorecards should say it.’ Anyways, I’m going to shut the fuck up now. Get off my soapbox.”

Strickland is still one of the most entertaininh fighters that the UFC has to offer, so expect this loss to not affect anything in Strickland's career going forward, especially if the fight against Cannonier was a very close fight that either men could've won.

And with the fight being over, the end has come for live events for the UFC in 2022, what do you guys want to see in the world of combat sports in 2023? Comment below and let us know, fams!

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