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Article: The Blessed Express Has Returned.

The Blessed Express Has Returned.

The Blessed Express Has Returned.

Max Holloway again demonstrated why he’s one of the top featherweights in UFC, despite losing the championship to Alexander Volkanovski for the third time. 

Many believed that Holloway was ready to relinquish his spot to the next generation of contenders, starting with Arnold Allen, who entered their fight with ten consecutive wins in UFC. However, Holloway reminded everyone that he was still a force to be reckoned with, dominating the match and securing a unanimous decision victory over five grueling rounds.

Even in the last seconds of the fight, Holloway landed a late flurry that knocked Allen down, further proving his skill.

Holloway began the fight with his signature volume striking attack, quickly firing two or three shots. Allen landed a powerful left hook early in the opening round, but Holloway kept returning with no signs of slowing down. 

“Arnold Allen hits like a truck,” Holloway said of his opponent. “My modeling career is in jeopardy because of you.

“It was like 10 seconds, five seconds [left in the fight], it was a re-enactment of Ricardo Lamas [fight]. I know he saw that moment, I wanted to remake that moment. It was fun. Dude is durable, he wanted to go all the way and I welcome that.”

Despite Allen’s aggressive pursuit and powerful left-hand strikes, Holloway could consistently land crisper and more varied strikes while displaying superior speed and footwork. Holloway’s body shots eventually paid off, bouncing off Allen’s midsection.

As the fight progressed, Allen’s coaches urged him to score a finish in the final round, but Holloway continued to chip away at Allen’s body with a barrage of kicks. 

Even though Allen tried to turn the tables and land a knockout punch, Holloway was able to trade blows and ultimately dropped Allen to the ground before the final horn sounded.

With this victory, Holloway eliminates another potential featherweight contender as he awaits the upcoming title fight between Volkanovski and Yair Rodriguez. Allen was understandably disappointed with the loss but still had nothing but praise for Holloway after the fight.

“Max has been around a long time, he’s been one of the best in the world for a long time,” Allen said. “He inspires me.”

What do you think of Holloway’s performance? How do you rate it? Comment below a

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