Rookie Fight "Rumble In The Jungle"

On Sunday (25/11/18) Hawkeye Fightwear, De La House and Total Boxing collaborated to make Rookie Fight “Rumble in the Jungle” boxing event at one of the most popular bars named Parc 19 Jakarta, Indonesia. Hawkeye Fightwear collaborated with one of the finest Indonesian street artist named Darbotz, for its capsule collection and the title of the collaboration is “Rumble in the Jungle”. The theme was inspired by the story of Jakarta, a city where everything is a struggle. The collaboration design contained Darbotz's authentic design for this collection.

The Rookie Fight “Rumble In The Jungle” was a collaboration between Hawkeye Fightwear, Total Boxing and De La House. The event contained 3 different backgrounds which are boxing matches, art installation for showcased products and also entertainment. The collaboration products (first drop) are now available on our website ( In this event Hawkeye showcased the collaboration products with Darbotz with the concept of an art exhibition, here we want to show the artistic side because our collaboration is with an artist even though the products on display are fighting gear products.

Besides exhibiting products, we also held 39 rookie boxing matches using Hawkeye X Darbotz special products for fighters. Fighters who take part in this match are not boxing athletes, but boxing maniacs or high enthusiasm for boxing are like businessmen, employees, disc jockeys, university students, elementary up to high school students, etc. We want to create a new culture in the martial arts world by creating a community that contains not only athletes because all humans are actually fighters. So by holding events like these, we can raise the prestigious feel of this sport into a lifestyle.

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