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Article: Glove Comparison Guide : Foam Or Horsehair? You Decide.

Glove Comparison Guide : Foam Or Horsehair? You Decide.

Glove Comparison Guide : Foam Or Horsehair? You Decide.

Hey there, fight fam! Here at Hawkeye Fightwear, we understand how crucial it is to have the right gear in your arsenal. When it comes to boxing gloves, the choice between foam and horsehair can be a bit of a tough decision. Don't worry—we've got your back. Let's break down the differences between these two types of gloves so you can make the best choice for your training and fighting needs.

Foam Gloves: Your Best Friend in the Gym

Foam gloves are packed with either high-density foam padding or a multi-layered foam padding.

This stuff is great at soaking up the shock from your punches, keeping your hands and wrists safe. The padding is usually layered with hard and soft foams  to balance out impact resistance and comfort for you knuckles.

One of the best things about foam gloves is how comfortable they are. They mold to your hands, giving you a snug fit that keeps everything in place. This means fewer injuries and a better grip.

These gloves are fantastic at protecting both you and your sparring partner. The thick padding spreads out the force of your punches, reducing the risk of injuries. That’s why foam gloves are perfect for training, sparring, and amateur bouts where safety is key.

Foam keep their shape and padding even after lots of use, making them a reliable choice for your daily grind in the gym.


Horsehair Gloves: Power and Tradition

Horsehair gloves are filled with—you guessed it—horsehair. This traditional material has been around forever and gives these gloves a unique feel. They're often handmade with a lot of care and attention to detail, our horsehair model is a classic model made with modern materials.

Horsehair gloves are known for delivering powerful punches. The padding is less dense, meaning there’s less padding between your knuckles and your target. This lets you feel and deliver more impact with each hit due to distribution of the horsehair and the layer of soft foam that does not really protect you hands as much as foam gloves do.

Many pros love horsehair gloves for their traditional feel. They’re usually more compact, giving you a closer connection to your punches. It’s an authentic experience that many seasoned fighters appreciate.

While they can pack a punch, horsehair gloves might not last as long as foam ones. The padding can shift over time,that’s why horsehair gloves sometimes have a limit to where it can be used in competition because the padding breaks easily, you can continue using them in the gym on the bags and mitts, but sparring is not recommended using them once they have finished their round cycle.

Horsehair gloves offer less padding, which can increase the risk of injury. They’re best suited for experienced fighters who know what they’re doing in terms of technique and want to maximizethe feeling of their punches in the ring.


Which Glove is Right for You?

Choosing between foam and horsehair gloves really comes down to what you need and want from your gloves. Here are some tips to help you decide:

 If You’re Just Starting Out or Training Hard:

Go with foam gloves. They offer great protection and comfort, making them ideal for everyday use and sparring sessions. They help keep you safe and are super reliable, you can use the moulded gloves for more bounce or multi-layered for more protection and feel.

If You’re a Pro or Competing: Horsehair gloves could be your best bet. They give you that old-school feel and let you deliver powerful punches, which can be a game-changer in the ring.

In the end, it’s the fighter that makes the performance, not the gloves, at Hawkeye Fightwear, we have a great selection of both foam and horsehair gloves to match any fighter’s needs. No matter which type you choose, you can count on our gloves to be suitable for action.

For a more detaile glove comparison guide on our collection of gloves, click the link below :

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