An Anticlimactic End To A Trilogy

The night at the T-Mobile Arena in a Sold Out post-pandemic crowd of eager fans of mixed martial arts ended in an anticlimactic battle between two rivals.

Conor Mcgregor broke his ankle after a full round of Mixed Martial Arts against Dustin Poirier. The fight from the start was a high-paced battle where exchanges of fists & legs happen between two fighters.Dustin was fighting like the last time they fought in the octagon, while Mcgregor, looking leaner & using kicks like his younger days when he was an up & comer in the UFC, a pivotal part in the match was when Mcgregor made a jumping guillotine attempt that was unsuccessful and Dustin gain top control & unleashed a barrage of punches & elbows in the final minutes of the first round. Mcgregor's broken ankle happened when they exchanged in the last seconds of the first round that made referee Herb Dean stopped the bout after the bell rang and declared Poirier wins the fight by TKO in Round 1.

In the post-fight interview, Dustin Poirier, who also got booed to a pro-Mcgregor crowd, said to Joe Rogan that he was winning the exchanges & that Mcgregor was a dirty fighter by pulling the cuffs of the gloves & that Mcgregor was a dirtbag. While on the other side, Mcgregor did a whole rant while medicals tend to his injured leg, saying that the bout & the rivalry is not over between him & Dustin.

This fight will undeniably be a bout filled with mixed reactions, debates, and questions. Was Poirier truly is the better man? or that Mcgregor was getting ready to hit the gas pedal and gave the fight of a lifetime before the stoppage? Time will tell if there is a rematch or if the rivalry truly is over & Poirier was the victor in the battle. However, the most crucial question is now that Mcgregor lost twice in a row, what comes of his future in the MMA world?

The co-main event features a very technical bout between Herbert Burns & Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson in a 3 round battle of game plans. Burns won by unanimous decision, scoring many takedowns in each round.

Outside of the Mcgregor-Poirier and Burns-Thompson fight was a card filled with crazy knockouts and TKO's, From Tai Tuivasa knocking out Gregg Hardy, Irene Aldana knocking out Yana Kunitskaya, The Dominance of "Suga" Sean O Malley against a stone of a man Kris Moutinho, The TKO of Ryan Hall against Illia Topuria, and the outstanding knockout of Dricus Du Plessis. While veterans like Carlos Condit & Jessica Eya lose their respective bouts by decision. The bout that was billed as a "sleeper bout" was a disappointment. The bout between Michel Pereira & Niko Price ended in a decision.

What are your thoughts about UFC 246?? Comment below and tell us what you think about the fights or the card in general!

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