Adesanya Gets His Revenge, And A Legend Retires

Israel Adesanya finally got his revenge against Alex Pereira in their fifth fight at the UFC 287 main event. Adesanya suffered three defeats to Pereira in kickboxing and MMA and had to deal with the perception that he just had his number. However, Adesanya ended the fight in the second round with a pair of brutal right hands that knocked Pereira out. The victory makes Adesanya a two-time UFC middleweight champion and solidifies his status as one of the greatest middleweights ever. While they may meet again in the future, for now, Adesanya should enjoy his well-deserved moment of triumph.

“They say revenge is sweet, and if you know me, I’ve got a sweet tooth,” Adesanya said. “This is f****** sweet. I’m telling you, no matter what, Alex is a grand champion. He lost the belt tonight, but he will always be the champion.

“I told you, the hunter is now the hunted. Beating me, he made me a better fighter, a better person. In this camp, I didn’t f*** around. That last one had everything. Since 2017, that last hammer fist was from the gods.”

Now that Adesanya has secured a much-needed win over Pereira, his victory solidifies his position as one of the greatest middleweights in the sport’s history. Although these two rivals may face off again in the future, for now, Adesanya should revel in his triumph. There’s no doubt that he has earned it.

Gilbert Burns defeated Jorge Masvidal in front of his home crowd, extending Masvidal’s losing streak to four fights in the UFC. Burns won a unanimous decision with scores of 30-27 twice and 29-28 by outstriking Masvidal on the feet and executing takedowns to secure control time. In the third round, Masvidal appeared to be on the verge of being knocked out with a few punches but managed to survive. However, Burns took advantage of the situation and obtained another takedown to dominate the rest of the round.

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