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Focus Boxing Gloves | Vermilion

Sale price1,399,000.00 IDR

The ultimate puncher’s glove with luxury and heritage. 

Since 2012 we have continuously improved and innovated this product for our users to enjoy and feel like a professional athlete. 

Focus is our flagship model, made for the experts and fighters alike who needs a boxing glove that can withstand rigorous training while maintaining luxury.

Outside of the exterior of the glove that is inspired by luxury cars and watches, the performance of the glove is modeled after the “Mexican Style” boxing gloves that provides excellent punching power and feedback while combining modern materials for extra comfort, such as our ultra-soft Featherweave©️ tricot lining and precision air holes.

The new Focus is now made with Microhawk Power Leather©️. We currently use this new synthetic leather technology to support animal welfare, but do not worry; this new leather technology is more durable than genuine leather. In addition, the soft but powerful Titanium Velcro®️ in the Quilted Strap area of the glove also minimizes scratches from sparring & a durable wrist strap that stays flush in the middle of the wrist.



  • Focus Greatest Generation
  • Made With Microhawk Power Leather©
  • Hi-Tear Resistance
  • FLUX™ 4 Function Layers Foam Technology
  • Longer Foam for Wrist Protector
  • Featherweave Lining©
  • Precision Stitching
  • Precision 10 Airflow Holes
  • Finger & Thumb Lock
  • High Technical Features



  • Available in 10oz -12oz - 16oz

*Gloves may have a weight reduction from 0,1 to 1 oz
This is a regular occurence in most Microfiber boxing gloves, due to the lightweight nature of the leather.

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Focus Boxing Gloves | Vermilion
Focus Boxing Gloves | Vermilion Sale price1,399,000.00 IDR

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