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Kickboxing Collection

Point fighting kickboxing is to score specific points while using well-controlled, legal techniques with speed, agility, balance, and attention. Delivery, well-controlled technique, and speed are the primary characteristics of the point fighting discipline.

Hawkeye Fightwear is proud to provide high-quality gear for point fighting practitioners to discover who is the next rising champion

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Achieve Pearly Red Foot ProtectorAchieve Pearly Red Foot Protector
Achieve True Blue Foot ProtectorAchieve True Blue Foot Protector
Achieve Pearly Red Shin GuardAchieve Pearly Red Shin Guard
Achieve True Blue Shin GuardAchieve True Blue Shin Guard
Achieve True Blue Elbow GuardAchieve True Blue Elbow Guard
Achieve Pearly Red Elbow GuardAchieve Pearly Red Elbow Guard
SUPRA Achieve True Blue PF GloveSUPRA Achieve True Blue PF Glove
SUPRA Achieve Pearly Red PF GloveSUPRA Achieve Pearly Red PF Glove
Uniform PF KBI Onyx Red SetUniform PF KBI Onyx Red Set