UFL : Welcome To The Underground

On Saturday, December 18th, Hawkeye, in collaboration with DeLaHouse and Burn83, presents Underground Fighting League. In this boxing exhibition event, anybody with the guts and the skill can step up and be the next underground boxing sensation.

In the main event, Yunus Wamaer, A former school hooligan, turned internet celebrity faces off newcomer boxer Reza Prananta, and a controversial Tiktok influencer Ghulba Fauzan fought against one of the best youth boxer in Jakarta, Iskoy. The card was also filled with new talented fighters that will surely make their waves around the streets as the whole night features a lot of hard-hitting action, drama, and excitement.

UFL hopes to keep doing the events regularly to bring exciting fights that the audience can enjoy and create new opportunities for a fighter to experience what it's like to compete to the next level. A"We aim to entertain by crossing over big names to participate in our event while also providing our athletes a simulation to fight on a big stage. We do not aim to compete with other amateur or even professional MMA/boxing/muay Thai/kickboxing event; we are a collective of people who loves to see fights and want our community to be exposed to the mainstream media, and we are confident that UFL with the presentation that our event offers will be a big hit to both casual and hardcore fans." Said Athlete Relations & Competition of UFL, Angelo Bimoadji.

The event proved to be successful as three main cards delivered beyond expectations, Yunus Wamaer was unable to continue due to fatigue which resulted in the final decision as a knockout, and Ghulba Fauzan toughened out the barrage of punches by Iskoy in a war that will be talked about in the months to come. And the close battle between Dwiki Rama & Dewa Aji Sukma ended in a draw.

UFl fights can be seen on Youtube by visiting their channel UFL Indonesia, and updates on the event can be seen on Instagram @ufl_indonesia, Welcome To The Underground.

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