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Article: Train Like KSI & Other Professional Boxers : Pillars Of Fitness To Improve Your Life.

Train Like KSI & Other Professional Boxers : Pillars Of Fitness To Improve Your Life.

Train Like KSI & Other Professional Boxers : Pillars Of Fitness To Improve Your Life.

KSI Fought Two Opponents On The Same Night


The YouTube boxer dispatched Swarmz quickly and handily defeated Pineda on Saturday at London's O2 Arena. KSI completed Saturday night the same way he started it: with a knockout victory.


After knocking out British rapper Swarmz in the second round earlier in the evening, KSI comfortably knocked off Luis Alcaraz Pineda in the third round to go 2-0 in London's 02 Arena. For the YouTuber boxer, the easy work kicked off the first MF & DAZN: X Series with a bang.


Want to know how KSI adapt quickly from being a Youtube star to a professional athelete? We may have an answer for this.....


We tend to focus on one area of fitness in our daily activities. As a result, we are more likely to get bored, or our bodies stop losing the desired effect when we practice the same fitness routine and have no use in our daily lives. What you may not know is that the norm of the general population's perception of fitness is wrong, and we're here to bring you the general pillars of fitness to make sure that when you exercise, you will get the maximal result for your body, mind, and general progress.


1. Strenght


Strength is the ability to exert force in the environment, broken down into two sub-types, max strength, the peak of your body lifting often measured by your one rep max in the gym, and explosiveness, the max output of your body to lift quickly. Why? Because in the real world, you should be able to lift hard and explode quickly for your reflexes, mobility, and well-being because combining those two workouts will produce not just muscle and definition but also denser bones, more rigid connective tissue, and a powerful grip.


Most boxing/MMA-centric gyms provide these types of workouts if you request it instead of the standard HIIT circuit you primarily find in most facilities. You can also find these types of methods in CrossFit gyms near you.


2. Speed


Speed is the ability to move fast from one place to another. they range from reflex speed, limb speed, to running speed. The goal here is to improve the oxygen intake in sports and endurance while also helping you to run from danger in real life. Exercising short runs, sprints, and lateral speed, such as side to side and pivots, will improve your overall fitness. 


Swimming, throwing a medicine ball, running uphill, punching, and catching a ball are also in this category.


3. Endurance


Endurance is the skill that contains your ability to exert strength for a long time. This skill is the most useful in our day-to-day activities, such as walking to the train station or lifting a heavy box in the office from the lobby to the 38th floor.


Endurance training, such as long runs, lifting as many reps until you fatigue, sprinting with an interval, and punching the heavy bag without rest, is included in this pillar.


4. Agility


Agility training improves balance, coordination, and flexibility in your body. The more you train, the easier for you to control your body and prevent injuries in your day-to-day activities, as well as reduce tightness. Soreness or discomfort. Doing workouts such as ladder drills or even participating in a Brazillian jiu-jitsu/wrestling class can shortcut your agility skills for fast improvement instead of joining the local circus or parkour community.


Calisthenics, yoga, and gymnastics training help to maintain and improve your body's full range of motion with ease. 


5. Cognitive Function


Believe it or not, your brain needs training and exercise too! Habits and career shapes how the brain function for day-to-day activities, and the result is a more tangible reward for most of us. Being more focused, better at problem-solving, and more compelling as an orator will help you excel in your personal and professional life.


You can train your focus, determination, and overall mental toughness can be learned as well as creativity, problem-solving and general intelligence by reading a book, listening to a podcast, and joining a short course can help strengthen your mind to work in the best capacity.


So the conclusion about these pillars of fitness is that you can find a few of these aspects in most combat sports facilities, such as Boxing, where agility, speed, endurance, and strength are a daily routine for the people who practice daily and are very common in MMA facilities because of the many aspects a person has to master to excel in the world of mixed martial arts. 


Both sports also require a tremendous cognitive function due to the many struggles and work put in front of the student. That means that the coaches sometimes will give a few lessons for the brain to ensure you can go through the training and become a better and fantastic person in the future.


This article is inspired by The Bioneer's Pillars Of Fitness video that will open your mind to create a better fitness routine! Check this video out below:

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