The Phenom destroyed Evander Holyfield.

In the night where we saw the career revival of the great Anderson Silva & David Haye, the main event of Triller Fight Club features the bout between Vitor "The Phenom" Belfort against one of boxing greatest hall of Famers Evander Holyfield, who replaced Oscar De La Hoya at the last minute due to Oscar contracting Covid-19 in the final weeks before the bout happened. The result of the fight was a powerful statement was made by Vitor Belfort & The sad outcome of Evander Holyfield.

It didn't take a psychic to guess what would happen when you threw a retired 58-year-old boxer into the ring with an aggressive, power puncher like Vitor Belfort. At the start of the first round, Vitor was already the aggressor and threw hard punches that knocked Holyfield down & continued to do so until referee Samuel Burgos stopped the fight early. The sight of a 58-year-old getting knocked out cold is not one that anybody ever needs to see.

After knocking out Evander Holyfield in short order, Vitor Belfort has set his sights on two boxing stars: Jake Paul and Canelo Alvarez. "He deserves it," said Belfort, who's previously accused Paul of ducking a fight. "Because he's choosing his opponent. He's working with a guy I used to work with, Lorenzo (UFC Ex-Owner). He's picking his fight. Now, he cannot say no to me. He's got to say yes. We've got to teach him a lesson." “Canelo, I want $40 million,” Belfort said. "It's on the table. How do you say no to $40 million?"

Belfort did his job and hopefully gets his big payday against a Paul brother or Oscar De La Hoya. But for everybody other than the Belfort family, what we saw on Saturday was a sad outcome to one of boxing's greatest heavyweight legend.

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