The Greatest Comeback This Year.

Sports movies based on combat sports generally tend to exaggerate the fights. The best example is a Rocky movie, where the protagonist can take numerous punches and still manage to get back up and win the battle. Still, sometimes fiction can become a reality. That happened at Glory 78 in the Netherlands when Arkadiusz Wrzoek knocked out kickboxing superstar Badr Hari with a Hail Mary head kick that sends Hari to the canvas.

Badr Hari was absolutely on the way to a one-sided victory with Arkadiusz Wrzosek, scoring three knockdowns in less than two rounds. Hari’s vicious liver shot left Wrzosek in all sorts of pain & misery, but he bravely beat the count each time. A fourth knockdown would’ve been the end of the bout and the first win for Hari in over six-year. Then what happens next might be the best comeback you have ever seen this year.

In the second round, Wrzosek was against the ropes, and having just absorbed another left hook to the body, Wrzosek threw a head kick that caught Badr cleanly and put him down. Hari would not make it up in ten seconds. Wrzosek made fantasy into reality; he turned into Rocky Balboa, knocking down Apollo Creed in a battle where everyone thought he would lose.

“The Bad Boy” is now 0-4-1 NC in his last five, and that one no-contest against Hesdy Gerges was actually an overturned win after the rarity of both fighters popping for PEDs. The awaited trilogy rematch against Rico Verhoeven will have to wait for a while, as Hari will have to climb to the top and maybe, fight for his legacy in this stage of his fighting career.

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