Cino" Makes His Triumphant Return In The Ring"

Indonesian boxer Daud "Cino" Jordan successfully won the WBC Asian Boxing Council super lightweight title after defeating Rachata Khaopimai from Thailand. In a bout in Pattaya, Thailand, which KompasTV broadcasted on Friday, Daud Jordan beat Khaopimai via TKO in round 5.

This success is undoubtedly a thirst quencher for Daud Jordan, who had returned to the ring since the last time in Malang on November 17, 2019, when he defeated Michael Mokoena. In the battle of Daud Jordan against Rachata Khaophimai, the two fought each other for the WBC Asian Boxing Council super lightweight silver championship belt.

In the first round, the two boxers were still collecting data on each other's style, and there were few actions between the two fighters. However, Daud was slightly ahead of Khaopimai by landing a few more incoming punches. Daud again landed several jabs into the opponent's body, who was 16 years younger in the second round.

Khaopimai, who tried to retaliate with an attack, was swiftly avoided by Daud Jordan. However, the critical moment of David Jordan's victory occurred in the fourth round. Minutes before the fourth round ended, the 34-year-old boxer managed to break through Khaopimai's defense with a series of punches.

Khaopimai began to panic at the onslaught of David. Unfortunately, Daud Jordan has not been able to finish off Khaopimai because time has run out. When the fifth round began, Khaopimai looked still not recovering from the blows of Daud Jordan he received in the fourth round. Seeing Khaopimai, who started to be helpless with various shots released by Daud Jordan, the referee decided to stop the fight.

The success of the boxer from West Kalimantan in winning the WBC Asian Boxing Council super lightweight silver world championship belt also makes up for the loss of the WBC International Lightweight title due to Daud Jordan being inactive during the pandemic. He was also very vocal in showing his intention of going to politics with a painted #2024 on the back of his body. So what's next for Daud Yordan after this successful fight? Tell us in the comments below, and don't forget to share this article with your fellow fighters!

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