Boxing Shines Bright In National Sports Week 2021!

National Sports Week in Papua features all of the best national boxers that showcase their heart, skills, and toughness in the squared circle this week. Here are the outstanding fighters who received gold in their weight class :


From the 46kg class, we have Michael Abas from North Sulawesi, 49kg we have Chornez Kwangu Langu representing Bali, 52kg Ingatan Ilahi from Riau, in 56kg we have Julius Lumoly from Maluku, In 60kg Matius Madiangan from Jakarta, In 64kg we have Farrand Papendang, 69kg Sarohatua Lumbantobing from North Sumatra, Maikhel Muskita from West Java, 81kg class we have Bram Betaubun also from West Java, and 91kg Willis Riripoy against Erico Amanopunjo decision has been suspended due to controversy and the final decision ha yet to be announced at the time of this article was written.


The highlight of this year's men's boxing division is the 69-75kg rising prospect Michael Robberd Muskita who dominated this tournament with tons of knockdowns, either from a standing count or a body shot to finally receiving the gold medal against Cakti Dwi Putra from Bali.


This year's PON is also filled with controversy. Either a region protested a victory or a decision by the judges, or a crowd fight erupted because of a wrong decision or a controversial decision by the jury. So let's hope the next National Sports Week is a much better and more conducive event that people can be inspired and motivated by the performance of the athletes instead of an event filled with crowd fights and controversy.

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