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Promo Terms & Conditions:

  1. Enjoy the IDR 200.000 discount with a minimum transaction of IDR 1.200.000
  2. Limited promo quota every day
  3. Enter the voucher code: ATOMEAJA on the check out page in the
  4. 1 (one) customer can only use the voucher code 1 (one) time at each merchant
  5. Enjoy the promo during the period: 2 - 15 November 2020
  6. Enjoy the promo with the 3 months installment option from Atome: No DP, No Admin Fee, 0% interest


About Atome

Atome is a new payment method that makes it easy for you to shop with a choice of 3 months of extra light installments without requiring you to have a credit card. You can enjoy Atome installment without credit card. Atome offers an installment payment method with the following details


3x installments within 3 months period

  • No need to pay down payment
  • 0% interest for each installment
  • Free Admin free

    Simulation of 3 months installment

    Time to own it.


    The requirements of using Atome:

    • Already have e-KTP
    • Already working and have a source of income

    How to make transactions with Atome:

    1. Select the product you want to buy
    2. Select Atome as payment method
    3. You will be directed to Atome's payment details page. Based on the amount of your transaction, you will get 2 installment options:
    • 3x installments; or
    • 3x installments and 6x installments.

    4. For new users (don't have an Atome account), you must register first. Please prepare your KTP
    5. Registered users will be directed to the installment details page to apply for installments
    6. Wait 3 minutes for the installment application verification process
    7. After your application is approved, the merchant will process your order and
    8. The first payment bill will due 1 (one) month after you completed the transaction. For bill payments, you will receive an SMS reminder 3 days before the payment is due.


    Terms & Conditions of Service:

    1. Minimum transaction using Atome: IDR 100,000
    2. As long as you have an active bill at Atome, you need to pay a Membership Fee of IDR 25,000 (flat) once per month along with installment payment
    3. If you are late in paying bills, you will be charged with late fees as follows:

    Late fee for 3x installment

     Day Late Payment Fine (Accumulation)
    1 IDR 50,000
    7 IDR 50,000
    15 IDR 50,000
     Note: If you are 16 days late from the due date, the total fine you must pay is IDR 150,000.

    For more information about Atome's installment services, please contact us at

    Payment tutorial with Atome