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Atome; Hawkeye's New Payment Method

Who is Atome?

Atome is a new payment method in Hawkeye, which allows you to shop with 0% installments. With Atome, you can keep shopping without worrying about bloating monthly bills.

Atome installments are 0%, free of admin fees. Atome installments are divided into 3 payments with a 2 month installment period.

Installment simulation:

Shop today, installments later!


Terms of making transactions with Atome:

  • Have an e-KTP
  • Workers and have a source of income


Do you need to download the Atome application first?

You can enjoy the Atome service WITHOUT THE NEED to download the Atome application first. All transaction processes can be done via a browser. But to enjoy a better and more exciting experience, you can download the Atome application on the Google Play Store.


How to make transactions with Atome:

  • Select the product you want to buy at Hawkeye
  • While on the payment page, select Atome as the payment method, then click pay.
  • You will be directed to the Atome installment details page in the browser.
  • After agreeing to the Loan Agreement, you need to carry out a phone number verification process to continue transactions at Atome.
  • For new users (don't have an Atome account), you must register first. Please prepare a KTP.
  • Registered users will be directed to the installment details page to apply for installments.
  • Wait 3 minutes for the installment application verification process.
  • If the installment application is accepted, you will be directed to the first bill payment page.
  • The first bill must be paid within 1x24 hours, can be paid via bank transfer at the VA number provided.
  • After completing the first payment, Hawkeye immediately processed your order and sent it to your address on the Hawkeye daily shipping schedule.
  • For the next bill payment, you will receive an SMS reminder 3 days before the payment is due. You can also download the Atome application to check ongoing bills.


Terms & Conditions of Service:

  • For orders to be processed by merchants, you need to pay the first bill within 1x24 hours
  • You can enjoy 0% installment facilities as long as you pay your bills on time
  • If you are late in paying bills, the 0% installment facility will be canceled, and you will be charged with interest and late fees
  • A minimum transaction using Atome is IDR 300,000
  • If you are late in paying the bill, you will be subject to late fees as follows:
    ย Day Late Payment Fine (Accumulation)
    1 IDR 50,000
    7 IDR 50,000
    15 IDR 50,000
    ย Note: If you are 16 days late from the due date, the total fine you must pay is IDR 150,000.

For more information about Atome's installment services, please contact us at

Payment tutorial with Atome