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Article: UFC 302 Recap: Dustin’s Last Stand, Islam Legitimizes Himself, And Strickland’s Consistency.

UFC 302 Recap: Dustin’s Last Stand, Islam Legitimizes Himself, And Strickland’s Consistency.

UFC 302 Recap: Dustin’s Last Stand, Islam Legitimizes Himself, And Strickland’s Consistency.

It was a night filled with probably unexpected finished in the world of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the Prudential center in Newark, New Jersey was gifted maybe a wild night if mixed martial arts, the main event that was thought to be one-sided turns out to be a brawl and scramble from both athletes, and the co-main event that was though to be a crazy brawl turn out to be a one sided beatdown and (maybe) snoozefest, we got the recap for you here, don’t you worry about it.

Poirier Hints at Retirement After Loss to Makhachev

Dustin Poirier, a seasoned veteran of the Octagon, has suggested that his recent bout against Islam Makhachev might be his last. Speaking to TNT Sports, Poirier reflected on his future in the sport: "I know I can compete with the best of these guys but if I do fight again, what am I fighting for? Just to fight? I've done that 50 times. I've got to see but I think this might be it."

Makhachev Sets Sights on Second Title After Submitting Poirier

Islam Makhachev showcased his formidable skills by submitting Poirier in the fifth round. Poirier demonstrated resilience, escaping potential leg locks and landing significant strikes, but Makhachev's superior grappling culminated in a D'Arce choke, forcing Poirier to tap out.

- Makhachev vs. Poirier: Round-by-Round Breakdown

Round 1: Makhachev started strong, landing a three-punch combination before securing a single-leg takedown. Poirier managed to escape a kimura attempt but spent four minutes on the mat, with Makhachev taking the round.

Round 2: After tending to a cut on his eye, Makhachev took Poirier down multiple times. Despite Poirier's striking success and forcing Makhachev back, the champion secured another takedown in the final seconds.

Round 3: Makhachev dominated with a high knee to Poirier's nose, followed by a straight combination and a takedown. Poirier rallied with a combination that excited the crowd, but his left eye was visibly affecting him as Makhachev continued to land strikes.

Round 4: This round featured a stand-up battle, with Makhachev aiming to prove his striking prowess.

Poirier landed big right hands, opening a cut on Makhachev's forehead and following up with body combinations. The fighters exchanged words at the end of the round, which Poirier seemed to edge out.

Round 5: Poirier managed to hurt Makhachev with a southpaw left hand but was taken down. Makhachev eventually locked in a D'Arce choke, making Poirier tap out and securing the victory.

Strickland Secures Split Decision Over Costa

Sean Strickland triumphed over Paulo Costa via split decision, winning 50-45 and 49-46 on two scorecards, while Costa took the third with a 49-46 score. The judges' decisions were inconsistent (And outright bonkers and should be investigated) throughout the evening.

- Strickland vs. Costa: Round-by-Round Highlights

Round 5: Costa started strong, but Strickland dominated the middle stages. Although Costa landed more strikes in this round, Strickland's flurry and three head kicks might have turned the tide in his favor.

Round 4: Costa improved, landing right hands and effective low kicks. Despite Strickland's higher volume of strikes, Costa likely took this round.

Round 3: Costa, hurt by a leg kick, struggled to keep his distance. Strickland's strikes were more impactful, as Costa focused on avoiding further damage.

The night was very usual for the average combat sports geek, but overall, it was very unexpected, and showed that in the world of combat sports, anything can happen, and us fans will always wonder what’s going to happen next, we’ll see you soon on the next recap, we’re gearing up for the return of Mac daddy and his opponent, “Iron” Mikey Chandler.

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