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Article: The Comeback of the “Fight Party”

The Comeback of the “Fight Party”

The Comeback of the “Fight Party”

After a long hiatus due to the pandemic and various other reasons, fight culture is finally making a comeback. Not only are professional and influencer boxing bouts available this year, but small, intimate community events are also returning. This resurgence is especially exciting for those eager to back up their social media-filled boxing content and prove they’re the coolest in town within the wide community of combat sports enthusiasts.

The fight party culture began with “Rookie Fight,” where amateur and elite-level boxing bouts took place in the most talked-about bars in J-town. Suddenly, everyone is joining the trend. Whether it's on a big scale like in a bar or a large club, or on a smaller scale such as in coffee shops, people are stepping into the square circle to compete in front of friends and potential fans, especially in today’s world, which is filled with social media validation.

Recent and Upcoming Events

BYON Tryout ( 4 May 2024 )

In May 2024, the BYON Tryout was a high-value event for competitors who wanted to challenge themselves. It catered to both those with little experience and those who trained rigorously in the gym aiming to be the best.

Combat Social ( 31 May 2024 )

In June, there are two upcoming events that might shake the “Fight Party” movement by storm, both located in the high social world of South Jakarta.

Kida X Mola presents “Combat Social” Kida, a rising premium community gym specializing in various martial arts (boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, BJJ, MMA, Urban Self-Protection, and tactical training), and MOLA, a disruptor in the streaming world maximizing UFC broadcasting rights locally, are collaborating to create “COMBAT SOCIAL.”

This fun sparring event is for the community to enhance their skills and enjoy the atmosphere and camaraderie with food and drinks provided. It’s sure to be a blast for anyone curious about the combat community.

The Playground (1 June 2024 )

Ksatria Fight and Hawkeye Fightwear Collaboration The following day, Ksatria Fight and Hawkeye Fightwear will collaborate once again to host the next chapter in their “Playground” fight party series at Treehaus Kemang.

This event features both amateur and professional fighters in high-level kickboxing and Muay Thai matches. The vibe at “Playground” is always raw, unfiltered, and filled with adrenaline and passion from the fighters, fans, and supporters who attend the electrifying night of punches, kicks, and sweeps in the ring.

How to Attend

To attend these events, here’s the information you need:

  • Kida X Mola presents “Combat Social”: Tickets can be purchased through their Instagram page @kidajakarta or via the WhatsApp link in their profile.

  • Ksatria X Hawkeye “The Playground”: Tickets are available through their Instagram page @ksatriafight, with selected packages offered.

That's all the hype you need! What are you waiting for? Go get your tickets now and don’t miss two nights of fun and action! We’ll see you at the events, folks!

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