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Article: Premier : For The Elite

Premier : For The Elite

Premier : For The Elite

Since 2012, hawkeye fightwear has been known as the brand
that wants to transform the local combat sports landscape from a raw,
bare-bones sport into a prestigious, elegant,
and high-class lifestyle culture by producing
equipment with the highest level of design and function.
through the years, our design in the industry
has always been top-notch and esteemed by our peers.
still, the limitations of our functionality
have always been a recurring problem in our product development.
as the years go by and the constant innovation of our team,
who share the same vision, it took us 11 years to properly produce
a landmark product that represents what our brand is about.

"PREMIER" is not just a premium glove but an achievement
of our company in creating a boxing glove
that's timeless and elegant yet performs
just as well as any other high-end glove in the market.

Flux™ multi-layer and fiber membrane soft foam for safe sparring and
hand protection and fiber to sink your punches in the bags, mitts,
and contact glued to the leather, this glove is the peak of
development of what a "workhorse" boxing glove is built for,
using our microhawk power leather© technology
that is the same materials military used in their boots
in the most demanding terrain in the battlefield.

Introducing our new featherweave satin lining©
that has a premium feel as well
as a compact cut to narrow and
sink your hand like a
professional fight glove

Colors we chose for the glove have a purpose in telling our brand story.
the silver color represents the modernity and elegance that
our brand wants to bring to the masses.
the gray color represents neutrality and balance,
a peak mindset for any combat sports practitioner;
the gold represents riches, accomplishments, and well-being,
an aspiration we always want to reach,
and finally, the pink represents clarity and good energy,
a need for inclusivity in our community.

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