Are You Not Entertained?

Raulian Pavia & Kyler Phillips gave a fight worthy of a performance of the night bonus in the co-main event of UFC Fight Night  in Las Vegas.

When the fight was started, Paiva was nearly done in the first round, but he made a  comeback to hurt Phillips several times in the final 10 minutes to won the favor of the judges to him. As a result, Paiva ended getting the majority decision in his bantamweight debut in the octagon.

With a chance to shine in the co-main event spot, Phillips was the highlight in the first round as he came after Paiva with a variety of strikes on the feet, while Paiva was forced to throw a few warning shots to back Phillips off.

Phillips’ assault was relentless, and he nearly earned a finish at the close of the first round after a huge inside elbow, but Paiva was able to survive the 1st round.Then, Paiva cracked Phillips with a couple of really nasty punches that had him running against the cage. The battle continued with Phillips and Paiva both more than willing to eat a punch to deliver one in return. Phillips was definitely running out of energy, which allowed Paiva to get more aggressive. Even if he was tired, Phillips was still more than capable of returning shots, but there just wasn’t as much power behind his strikes.

In the end,  Paiva won the battle by decision, he has now won three fights in a row overall, making quite a statement to the 135-pound division with his fantastic performance . As for Phillips, he has to taste defeat for the first time in the UFC after starting with three straight wins.

Where were you when the fight happen? Do you think the fight is a FOTY contender this year??

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