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"Premier" is more than just a premium glove; it is an achievement of our company in creating a boxing glove that is timeless, elegant, and performs just as well as any other high-end glove in the market.

Premier is designed to protect your hands during sparring. It features FLUX™ multi-layer and fiber membrane soft foam for safety and comfort. The fiber material is great for sinking your punches into bags and mitts. The gloves are glued to leather and built to endure heavy use, making them the best choice for boxing enthusiasts.

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Boxing Gloves Premier | RavenBoxing Gloves Premier | Raven
Hawkeye Fightwear
Boxing Gloves Premier | Raven Harga penjualan1,799,000.00 IDR
Boxing Gloves Premier | Dark ShadowBoxing Gloves Premier | Dark Shadow